haX0r-speak for "You've been hacked!", alternately pronounced as "You've been cracked!". (note that haXors would probably prefer the term "hack" to "crack", unless they are truely 1337, having read The Jargon File.)

this nodeshelled-phrase seems written by a rather amateurish haXor, as a more correctly haXorized version would have to be something like, "J00'v3 b33n #@x0r3d!"

note that I am not 100% certain of this translation, especially on the mutation of "ha" to "#@", slightly more confident of "you" to "J00", but not being a haXor myself, I can't claim to be authoritative... someone should really write a haXor dictionary, and clear this up. (see http://3733th4x0r.com/) (thanks, scubaninja)