The thing about human tails is whether it'd be a thick and muscular - and prehensile - tail, or if it'd be a useless piggish tail.

I think a human tail would be naked, just like the rest of us. There's no reason to believe that it'd be furry, only hairy, like a butt. Think about it - the sleek, soft and smooth tail of a woman, and the hairier and rougher tail of a man. I don't think it would be strong like a kangaroo's, but rather thin and bony, much like a that of a cat. Perhaps it would be monkey-like - pretty useful, even for grasping - but I doubt it. The human species haven't lived a life that depend on tails. It would probably be short on children but longer on adults, maybe all the way down to the ground.

  • People would pierce their tails.
  • People would tease each other, pulling tails.
  • People would accidentally step on your tail.
  • Cars would hit your tail.
  • Tails would get stuck in elevator doors.
  • Tails would be good for keeping your balance
  • Most sports would have special rules concerning tails - pulling, screening and tripping.