I spoke to Blue today. She was lonely. Her words were firm in expression of being fine. She was miserable. She had a good day. She was vulnerable. She was busy. She was overwhelmed. She really was fine. She felt the burden of the world on her shoulders. My heart wept, as I sensed so much more, and her inability to express it to me.

I saw Blue tonight. I tumbled into the back seat of a strange car, and introduced myself to her friend from school. Immediately the familiarity of her hand reached out, and finding mine, squeezed. And upon squeezing, did not release more than the slightest of pressure for the entire trip.

That action said more than simple words ever could. Blue knew. She needed me. I knew of unspoken emotion. She lived the harshness of life. I was there for her.

And nothing could change that moment for either of us.