i had this dream on valentine afternoon, when i took a long-earned nap after weeks of very hard work and very little sleep:

i was walking up a street in weimar (where i live). as i pass by a second hand store (which is not there in reality), i see a pair of trousers that look nice, a mixture between jeans and the trousers my brother brought as a present from vietnam. inside the store, i am greeted by a stoned hippie girl, lying sleepy on a couch. i realize that the trousers are wrecked (a large hole at the left knee), and leave the store.

outside, i meet one of my best friends, uli, who i was working with during the last days. we find ourselves at a large open space where our university is currently (in reality) constructing some large new buildings. the construction site is gone, the open space patched with 1x1m flat grey (ugly) plates, the renovated buildings around look ugly, too large, painted in faint pink, with far to few windows. even some already renewed buildings around have been adjusted to the "new look".

i wake up, because the phone rings. its uli, and i'm telling him the dream i just head, in about the detail seen above. then, i wake up again. i dreamed i was telling him the dream. i wonder if i will wake up again someday.