14:00 BST

Hmm. Got to sleep about 06:00 this morning, and got woken up around 12:00. Grr. That was because my pseudo-employer (apparently I'm self-employed, hence the pseudo) got round to emailing me what I have to work on, and felt the need to phone me about it. Which is what I should be working on today. Now in fact...

I've also been struggling with stupid bureaucracy from the inland revenue about registering as self-employed, which I have to do. I think I've got that sorted out now. Just to post off the form. And hope they don't send it back because I've missed something or filled it out incorrectly.

01:16 BST tomorrow

Well, I had an unproductive day. My boss's description of what I have to do is vague to say the least - he doesn't really say the point of the whole task - and I was unable to reach him today. That's the thing that sucks about this job - the communication is just not happening. My boss sends email, sure, but is either vague on the important points, or just plain fails to say anything in response when replying to an email, just ignoring the important things and concentrating on the stupid, miniscule, unimportant things. He has this desire to keep meeting face to face, which is annoying as it takes time and effort, and I have to not look too scruffy. He also phones, typically in the morning, and almost always waking me up, yet is not available if I try to reach him unless it is just a quick call back in 5 minutes type thing.

This morning I spoke with him, and agreed to look at the options of what online auction software his company should use, and call back later. He wasn't available when I called back, and he still hasn't contacted me yet. Which means instead of working today, I just mucked about, which wasn't as much fun as usual as I was waiting for a call. I discover a mind-numbingly vague email, which doesn't mean anything to me when it comes down to it. Well I'm not going to put myself out of my way tomorrow to do anything about it. He can wait until Friday for me to do something.

The most fun and interesting thing I did today was watch Buffy. It was a good episode - hey, I think it's a great show - but the highlight of my day? What a life. Other than that, I've just browsed the web, gone on IRC and noded. Again.