Q101 is an alternative radio station based in Chicago, IL. WKQX, found at 101.1 FM on your dial, “raised the alternative flag over Chicago”, as they say (meaning started alternative music in Chicago), in 1992. At current they offer quite a variety of listenerear candy” and events:

- Top 9 @ 9: A top nine requested songs of the day as per listener call in as well as Internet votes.

- Mancow’s Morning Madhouse: One of the top rated morning shows in the nation. Moved over from Rock 103.5 to Q101 and since has been making morning show history. Crew includes, at least regularly has included, Mancow, Freak, Big Al Roker Jr., and DJ Lovecheese. Feel free to partake of more at http://www.mancow.com

- Road Rage: Hosted by Sludge in the afternoons, Road Rage lasts from 4:30 - 5:30 Chicago time and is an hour of commercial free alternative music. Usually this is coupled with concert annoucements at 5:00 and other contests, prizes, and giveaways.

- Twisted Concerts: As of December 2002, they will have had 9 Twisted Concerts. Twisted Concerts are a presentation of a collection of artists that are popular at the time. Usually they schedule 8-12 performers.

- 101 Club: A mailing list listeners may subscribe to via the Internet site. Being a member gives listeners the advantage of buying tickets on pre-sale and having dibs on certain contests either first or exclusively.

- Local 101: A radio show on Sunday nights 9-10pm which features local artists that are up and coming.

- Alternative Means : An umbrella charity that changes year to year the list of local charities they donate to. Funds come from various Q101 events.