A somewhat new comer to the "Shock Jock" arena. With a cast/crew that makes morning livable for millions of loving fans across the nation. One can not help but listen to the show that shocks, rocks, and makes you think about things that happening around you. Turd his faithful side kick, does things most prople wouldn't do when completely wasted. Freak his resident "stoner", and a host of others makes Mancow Muller's show one of the funnest things ever to hit radio.

The Cow is NOW!

Currently doing the morning show for the Chicago alternative station Q101. Unfortunately, to hire him, they had to fire the members of the previous morning show, Wendy and Bill.

Sadly for the station, there were enough people angered at the unnecessary dismissal of the members of the great morning show, and the replacement with an idiot like Mancow, that any increase in listeners has been offset by those like me who now won't listen to the station at all.

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