The symbology of the wheel is a very poweful and ancient one, going all the way from the wheel were Shiva dances to the wheel bit in many flavours of Unix.
Let us now remember also the Catherine Wheel (of sinister origin: a torture device, indeed), the burning wheel that in ancient Europe was flung from hilltops at winter solstice, and the medieval representation of the wheel of life, flinging man from wealth and happines to destituteness.

But in this case, the Wheel Of Oppression is simply a metaphor for the grind of everyday activity, having us spin and run and spin and run much like a Linux kernel, without respite.

The only way out is Discordianism, as I am sure you will agree.
Or, on the other hand, one could accept his own hamster-like nature, climb on the wheel and do his best or his worse, knowing full well (hamsters are not dumb) that the only net result is wear on joints.