Maybe we should take up a collection for The Everything Hamsters, so that Nate can buy them amphetamines (I think that's called overclocking; stop me if I'm getting too technical).

Better yet, just click on the ads; then Nate will be able to upgrade to that new Gerbil Server he's had his eye on for so long.
I am an Everything Hamster, I admit it. I sit in a cage, and all day long work at something. When I feel in need of relaxation and just got to move the bones, I climb on the Wheel of Oppression and bratt-ta-ta-tap, I bang out a node, or two. Or ten, on good days.
Or just softlink. I softlink, and feel that sweet karma improvement fall on my tired shoulder. Then I dismount the wheel, chew on a nice hard mineral-and-vitamin rich biscuit, maybe have a little drink from the coffee filled bird water thing.
Then after daybreak I fall asleep in my little nest, made of old printouts, O'Reilly books and old dreams. I sleep all day, and I work all night, but I am not a lumberjack. I am an Everything Hamster, and there is nothing more to be said. Just don't confuse me with the Everything Mouse. I am no pointing device: I point, they get pointed.
You wanna learn all about my species? Read this handy node written by a colleague.

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