Kids should be given napalm sticks for many good reasons.

One is that, should they be caught in the rain in the middle of a drizzly, wet Northwestern forest (visualize somewhere close to Seattle ... feel the moisture creep into your bones ...), heck, they could use the sticks to start a fire and warm themselves ! And if the fire got out of control, and burned a large section of that boring old forest, well, that would make it easier for the helpful Rangers to find the kids.

Another good reason is that, generally speaking, giving dangerous things to people gives them a chance to off themselves, which (on the average, of course) improves the average brightness of the average person. Averagely. This also means that one should give really sharp chisels to kids and hand axes to kids.

Thirdly, kids like model airplanes. And what should a model airplane drop on the model jungle in the backyard ? Nice, flaming ... napalm sticks !

dem bones claims that "'s napalm STICKS to in a sticky-glue kinda way...DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING MYSELF?" ,

To which I can only answer "Yeah, you must do Everything by yourself". I will not go for alternate parsings. You insist in speaking that bizarre Low-Germanic dialect that you quaintly call English, you are bound to confuse and be confused (look even this last sentence is a mess, it contains an implied "if" like ten miles into it, and you just have to understand it, bone-dude, because you are a native speaker).

Now, if you expressed yourself in LISP, things would be different. But you insist on EN_us. There is no hope. Osteodilemmas will for ever abound.