François Couperin, also known as Couperin Le Grand (1668-1733), baroque musician. The Couperins were a family of musicians, including Louis Couperin (François's uncle) and Charles Couperin, François's father.
After Charles Couperin died, the exceptionally gifted François succeeded him in the post of organist at the church of Saint-Gervais in Paris.

Couperin is mostly known for his harpsichord works, ordered in 4 books and for his liturgical works, the last one being the Leçons de Tenebres.
He also wrote thoroughly enjoyable chamber music, like the Concert instrumental à la mémoire de Monsieur de Lully, and Les Nations.

During his life Couperin held some important posts: organist to the royal chapel, and court harpsicord teacher. He was also named successor to Jean-Henri d'Anglebert, the court harpsichordist - but he did not live long enough to actually take over the post.
Musically, Couperin stands between the French musical style and the Italian.

My favourite piece by Couperin is a short harpsichord nugget titled Les Barricades Mysterieuses. I have also heard it played on the guitar, but IMHO you should get a harpsichord recording.