trent'ani buté via

Which, in Parma, would mean "thirty years thrown away". Today (the 16th) was my 30th birthday. I am celebrating by having a minor outburst of psoriasis and wild re-emigration thoughts.
I spent the week filling in one of those accursed endless application forms from Outer Hell. 17 pages. The only missing questions were

  1. dick size
  2. reincarnation plans
  3. favourite drug
... but this is the way it is with US recruiting.

As far as the Irritating Lump Company goes, it has messy aspects and agreeable ones. One of my two main projects is undergoing secession. The Big Kahuna decided that somebody different from my boss would lead it better. I do not agree, because this person just learned how to use a keyboard and know zero zip jack shit about the subject at hand.
But I am not a Kahuna, not even a Lesser Kahuna, so I have to play with the cards that a crooked dealer gives me. O tempora ! O mores !.

The Avantel people visited, and they were very nice. I am really looking forward to seeing the nice new dish, before the whole thing is snatched away from my hands.
What really worries me, is the fate of the staff. I have two excellent, brilliant people doing system administration. They keep the system fit as a fiddle, and I would hate to see them fired for reasons that are first political and then idiotic.

Don't you ever stop reading ?

I have been indulging in books, as usual. A nice Patricia Cornwell, still reading Doris Lessing's "The Golden Notebook" (not so readable, that one).
And I have started books 3 and 4 of the "Book of the New Sun", by Gene Wolfe. I freely admit to being a literary snob (and a slob), and from the height of my snobbiness I proclaim that Gene Wolfe is almost as good as Tolkien, and certainly as good as Stephen Donaldson.
If you have become thoroughly bored with fantasy/science fiction and you have not read "The Book of the New Sun", go for it. You will thank me.

I sincerely hope I have not gotten on ophie's nerves. I like her persona.

I noded Opinel, a tool that I really like. I put a cute hentai but entirely acceptable girl in my homenode pic. I like the idea of implying pornography without actually showing it. Could it be erotism ? Nah, too high brow.
I also noded Nocino, which sent me on a jag of nostalgia - many things seem to do that to me these days.

... yes, but only for noding

The major noding was on HTML and The first version of HTML, on which I think I did a good job of commenting Mark Andreesen's semi-spec.
The reputation is ridiculously low, but I don't give a radioactive rodent's nether parts.
Other nostalgia nodes were my high school class and Salesian.
But the really fun node was nut, anklenut, kaatunut, donfreenut. Good fun all around. I have some more like those in my homenode, if you want to take up the challenge. donfreenut did, and now he has to actually fight his way through crowds of girls that want to love him inconditionally and give him money. Really.

And noding prevents exercise

I should have gone to the gym, but I have not. I am a ball of fat. Well, not exactly a ball, I can still walk rather than roll and bounce, but you understand the concept.
The weather has gotten disturbingly hot. Today, it being my birthday, I was taken out to lunch by my good friends Jennie, Nuria, Belen and Miss Nice (whose birthday is tomorrow ! Happy Birthday Miss Nice ! stay nice !).
Of course, after a vast Mexican lunch with copious libation, I was unable to work.
I could not even comment on Eng. Caveman's last insane memo - I will have to accumulate bitterness all weekend, and use it to fuel a venomous -yet formally correct- little answer on Monday.
He wants to fuck around with my network, and inconvenience my users. And restrict services, and having people fill forms in triplicate to request an email address with a piddly 2 Megs of quota. He is a troll. I will not tolerate his ingerence.
Am I being territorial here ? No, it is just that my professional obbligation in this job is to provide the best service to the users, under the restrictions that our hardware and connectivity poses.
Not to create more stupid paperwork and little power games.

Anyway, I will win, because I am serene and unperturbed, and he is easily rattled. I am a database monk.