Today was quite exciting, as compared to the everyday routines. It was nothing major, just an empty thirty gallon fish tank, but for some reason it has become an infatuation with my room mates and I.

This past weekend, we decided that our apartment needed some pets, and a visual centerpiece for our living room. We unanimously decided upon some fish, and thanks to a generous donation of the tank and stand, began work on a habitat for our future pets. For some reason we are all very eager to start this aquarium, I suppose it is just having something visually appealing in our new apartment, and also owning our own animals is an attractive notion. Whatever the reason for our anticipation, we purchased some gravel, filters, a heater, and some decorative rocks for the tank. As I type, the water is filtering and preparing to receive it's inhabitants. The tank should be ready sometime this week. So we're all waiting for the water to be ready to support the aquatic life with great eagerness.