A Week In The Life Of An Average Transsexual

I can't vouch for how average or unaverage I am, however, I hope to dispel any "weirdo" stereotypes about the regular activities of transsexuals, like hanging out in women's public restrooms, walking the street for money, or doing the Time Warp.

I wake up late and get dressed. I feed the cat and myself. I spend most of the day plugging away at E2, and working out my appointments for the week. At 9:00pm I head into work, which is where I'll stay until 6:00am. I arrive back home at about 6:10am and have dinner and an E2 fix. Before bed, I take 1mg of estrogen, 10mg of progesterone, 40mg of Paxil and 60mg of propanolol.

I stay up late after work and drive over to the hospital at 9:30am, where I endure my monthly endocrinological blood test. The following Monday will bring my appointment with my regular endocrinologist, and we'll look over the test results and adjust my hormone dosage if necessary. Afterwards, I'll drive home, retrieve my postal mail from its metal box, take my hormones and antianxiety drugs, and then sleep, waking at about 8:30pm so I can be at work by 9:00pm.

I work until 6:00am, then come home and crash, but not before the pills ritual. It was a busy night at work and I'm more tired than usual. Nevertheless, I rise at 3:30pm for my 4:00pm psychological therapy session, at which I talk about myself for 50 minutes and then depart. I can't get back to sleep so I leaf through E2 until I start getting ready for work at 8:30pm. I leave for work, which is a ghost town tonight, so I spend most of the night with E2. Once a month I attend a transsexual support group meeting on the first Tuesday of each month, which means more waking up early before work.

I come home from work and take my pills. I go online and E2 absorbs me, and I lose track of the time. I go to bed at noon, and wake in time for work. Next Wednesday I have a consultation with a plastic surgeon, to see about chrondolaryngoplasty and rhinoplasty. Work comes and goes, and I sleep immediately upon getting home, this time with the aid of some melatonin added to my daily pill routine.

I stay up after work for my laser hair removal appointment at 9:30am. A couple of hours prior to the appointment I slather my face and chest with painkiller cream to minimize the sting of the laser penetrating my hair follicles. Prior to leaving I take a Soma so I don't tense up during the laser session and end up getting zapped in the ear or something. Afterwards, I come home, wash my face and hit E2 for a few hours until I get tired enough to sleep. I inadvertedly sleep in tonight and end up getting into work a half an hour late, which is no big deal because by the time I get there, everyone has left for the night. After work, I need to prepare for a long Friday night so I take some NyQuil® with my hormones and antianxiety drugs and sleep uninterrupted all day long.

Friday night begins when my friend Cris calls me, asking if I'm up for a night of drinking beer and hopping gay bars. I'm not (nor was I at any time) a gay male, but I go with Cris anyway because he's a pre-op, pre-testosterone female-to-male transsexual and likes playing with the heads of the gay boys at the Bourbon Pub and the Oz, which is admittedly fun to watch. We head back to my place at around 3:30am, and watch some movies. We both pass out around 5:00am, but not before my pill-consuming break.

At around 10:00am, Cris wakes me to say good morning, and that he's heading home via the St. Charles Avenue streetcar. I nod and gurgle an acknowledgement, then fall back to sleep. I wake up sometime later with a really strong urge for E2, which is where I spend the rest of the day.

Most of the rest of my week is spent showering, driving to and from work, eating lunch, etc. Not really noteworthy.

Hm. You know, maybe I should've titled this entry "Pills & Everything2."