Casiotone For The Painfully Alone is the one-man band that consists of Owen Ashworth from San Francisco, California. Mr. Ashworth decided to start his career in music after dropping out of film school in 1997; to him making music was a much more efficient way to throw out ideas than filmmaking.

In the Casiotone arsenal thrift store keyboards and scratchy vocals reign supreme. But although Owen Ashworth only uses battery-powered instruments, the songs are well structured, usually under the two-minute mark and always very interesting. Song content usually revolves around love songs about girls, but that’s all right because he manages to take a new perspective on typical heartbroken stories with incredibly hilarious lyrics and simple melodies.

Music has possibly never been as lo-fi as it is on Casiotone For The Painfully Alone’s releases. The primary mode for sound capture is the 4-track, but other things like answering machines and boomboxes are also used to record the songs on.

After killing the San Francisco indie scene Owen moved on to tour the rest of the United States and Germany, where he’s on the infamous Tomlab label, numerous times. He has toured with bands like The Rapture and Xiu Xiu, which helps to give him a lot of cool indie cred. You can find out all about upcoming shows on Casiotone’s LiveJournal.


Pocket Symphonies for Lonesome Subway Cars (2001)
Theme: Public transportation.
A little info: Live cello and drum parts. Trains, buses, subways, taxis, and airplanes all sampled throughout the recording. Recorded in various bedrooms.
Track listing:
  1. we have mice
  2. tonight was a disaster
  3. suitcase in hand
  4. caltrain song
  5. dying batteries
  6. oh, contessa!
  7. bus song
  8. yr boyfriend
  9. casiotone for the painfully alone in a green cotton sweater
  10. number ten
  11. destroy the evidence
  12. lesley gore on the TAMI show
  13. oh, illinois!
  14. the subway home
  15. air port samba
  16. we have mice
Answering Machine Music (1999 w/reissue in 2002)
Theme: A series of answering machine messages.
A little info: The title is an obvious nod to Lou Reed’s "Metal Machine Music". The SK-1 was the weapon of choice for this recording. AMM was originally released on Cassingle, Owen's label, in 1999 with only the first 12 tracks. With the rerelease in 2002 on Tomlab tracks 13 - 16 were added; 13 and 14 were recorded for the SCUMROCK soundtrack, while 15 and 16 were originally a seven inch record.
Track listing:
  1. theme from david hanna
  2. when the bridge toll was one dollar
  3. casiotone for the painfully alone joins the foreign legion
  4. cold shoulder
  5. rice dream girl
  6. secretest crush
  7. a normal suburban lifestyle is a near impossibility once you've fallen in love with an international spy
  8. baby it's you
  9. you never call
  10. daina flores you're the one
  11. beeline
  12. i should have kissed you when i had a chance
  13. hey jelly
  14. hotel huntington sign
  15. it's winter and you don't love me anymore
  16. seattle, washington
Twinkle Echo (2003)
Theme: None really.
A little info: Guest appearances from Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu and Jherek Bischoff of Seattle's Degenerate Art Ensemble. Seemingly named for one of the instrument names on Casiotone keyboards.
Track listing:
  1. to my mr. smith
  2. jeane, if you're ever in portland
  3. toby, take a bow
  4. it wasn't the same somehow
  5. hey eleanor
  6. half ghost
  7. calloused fingers won't make you strong, edith wong
  8. blue corolla
  9. casiotone for the painfully alone in a yellow t-shirt
  10. students for scarves & charm
  11. roberta c.
  12. attic room
  13. giant
  14. twinkle echo
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