Tomlab is a record label based in Germany that specializes in electronic music, but also dabbles in a few indie rock releases.

Birth to Tomlab came in 1997 with a simple CD-R release. This first release was for Visor and was limited to 100 copies with handmade covers. But the label credits the release of Summer DSP, a concept album by Tom Steinle (the founder of Tomlab) consisting of one song split over both sides of a 10 inch record, as the real beginning.

The label then went on to release various albums by fellow German residents and a few compilations as well. Then they opened their roster up to foreign artists. This was a great move on their part as it allowed them to gain their best artists.

Tomlab has received a lot of acclaim recently for their releases by Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, The Phenomenological Boys, and especially The Books. With these releases Tomlab is moving away from their pigeon-hold as an "ambient" record label and focusing on more creative, fun releases.

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