Friends of the random summer usually rode bicycles and solved mysteries. Now they sat in the library with stacks of old records around them. They listened on a gramophone. Most of the records stored the sound of people speaking, some the sound of birds singing. The library was the saddest place. The friends went outside...

The Friends Of The Random Summer compilation is a three-CDR collection of early material released by Icelandic electronic artists Múm. The compilation was compiled by the Friends Of The Random Summer Yahoo mailing list, with the authorization and help from Múm themselves.

Spanning from Múm’s beginnings in 1998 until their release of Yesterday Was Dramtic – Today Is Ok, the compilation brings together all of the bands early material, including remixes and collaborations. The official statement from the compilers says that collecting Múm music wasn’t the only goal in making the compilation, but also exposing people to various areas of the Icelandic music scene, as much of it is represented on the compilation. Even though this comp does collect almost all of Múm’s early work, sadly it does not include the bands original demo tape.

Originally only for members who signed up through the mailing list, the CDRs were distributed through a "tree system": one person burned five copies which they would send on to five people, and then those five people would burn copies and send them on to five more, and so on and so forth until everyone had a copy of the compilation. This, of course, brought on a bunch of people joining the list exclusively to get the compilation, so an FTP site hosting the comp was introduced in order for people to get the compilation quicker and easier.

The FOTRS comp was also fully endorsed by the Official Unofficial Múm website "Múm:web". At the website you can download the artwork for the comp, as well as a schematic for making a carton box package for holding the CDs.

...CD #1...

  1. Náttúrúbúrú
  2. 0,000 Orð
  3. Loksins Erum Við Engin
  4. Enginn Vildi Hlusta á Fiðlunginn, því Strengir Hans Vóru Slitnir (getiði ekki verið góð ....)
  5. Póst Póstmaetur
  6. Insert Coin - Bjarne Riis Arcade Game Mjiks (eftir múm)
  7. Bak Þitt Er Sem Rennibraut - Bústadavegurinn er Fáviti Megamix (eftir músikvat)
  8. Insert Coin
  9. Bak Þitt Er Sem Rennibraut
  10. þurrki þurrk (múm + músíkvatur)

...CD #2...

  1. Flugvélabensin
  2. Myndir af Melrakkasléttu
  3. Venus og Borgarljósin
  4. Snjókorn i Lófa
  5. Múm Spilar la la la
  6. Overture
  7. She Introduces Herself
  8. She Listens to Her Heart
  9. She Attempts to Say the "Word"
  10. She Begins Her Education

...CD #3...

  1. Syndir Guðs (recycled by múm)
  2. To Be Free (múm remix)
  3. Light of India (múm mix)
  4. IMpossible (múm mix)
  5. Asleep On a Train
  6. Please Sing My Spring Reverb
  7. Hufeland
  8. Helvítis Symphony No I for 13 electric guitars

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