The grandfather of someone I know was an exotic animal smuggler. He gave his son (her father) an ocelot as a gift when he was a little boy and the ocelot was a little kitten. They got along fine, and were the best of friends.

Of course, as feline development is much faster than a human's, the ocelot soon outgrew the little boy. They remained best friends, and continued to play together, despite the fact that by now the ocelot could disembowel the little boy in a split second.

Every night the two slept together in the barn, with the ocelot's arms wrapped around the little boy, protecting him as if the boy was the ocelot's young. The boy's parents wanted to photograph this, and attempted to several times.

However, no matter how carefully they crept or how cautiously they waited for the right moment to snap the picture, in every single developed photograph the ocelot's exposed eye was wide open, staring at the camera, completely aware of the intruders.