Well fall is here. The air is getting crisper, nights are cooler, we're to the point where we can shut off the AC for a while and open windows. This is normally an awesome time of year. Ever since I've been out of school I have loved the end of summer and the beginning of the colorful, cool season of autumn. I love hockey (it's finally coming back this year!!), Halloween - always have, and more recently I have developed a taste for touring the wineries in October, breathing in that crisp, cool air and photographing some of the beautiful technicolor scenery while sampling some great wines and cheeses. There's nothing like a relaxing Sunday drive around wine country here in east central Missouri; if you ever visit here in October, try to get out to places like New Melle, Washington, or just drive up Highway 94 between Washington and I-70, it is truly an experience.

This fall, however, hasn't been all that great.

I did have a lot of stuff here about financial and baby troubles, and I asked the e2 community for some advice, and I got some good stuff and I'd like to thank everybody who tried to help. Four days later I decided to remove all of that and put this paragraph in its place because things are starting to look up a bit.

Thanks again, folks. :)