The broken hand is beginning to very much better. All that stands between me and a normal (heh) level of noding is the deterrant of trying to type past the cast. Shouldn't be a big deal.

During my time of silence, things at my company have gone very poorly. Basically we have one shot to sell it (there's another company interested in acquiring assets and people pretty much limited to the department I founded) or it will go bankrupt. We're out of money a week from today and the negotiations are clunky. I'm not sure what's going to happen... but somehow I'm keeping calm.

Oddly enough, during this time of corporate uncertainty we moved! Whereas we were once devided between our original offices in lovely Lynnwood Washington and our spiffy new offices in downtown Seattle - we are now all concentrated in Seattle. I like it much better down here as I can walk to work.

I'm in the midst of reading Lord of The Rings for the fourth time in 18 months. I've also just picked up Watership Down for the first time and am really enjoying it.