And now, will the real GNU echo please stand up?

<scarlatti 122 12:31 ~ >/bin/echo --help
Usage: /bin/echo OPTION... STRING...
Echo the STRING(s) to standard output.

  -n              do not output the trailing newline
  -e              enable interpretation of the backslash-escaped characters
                    listed below
  -E              disable interpretation of those sequences in STRINGs
      --help      display this help and exit (should be alone)
      --version   output version information and exit (should be alone)

Without -E, the following sequences are recognized and interpolated:

  \NNN   the character whose ASCII code is NNN (octal)
  \\     backslash
  \a     alert (BEL)
  \b     backspace
  \c     suppress trailing newline
  \f     form feed
  \n     new line
  \r     carriage return
  \t     horizontal tab
  \v     vertical tab

Report bugs to <>.
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