A small TI-BASIC program I wrote in my second semester at Riverdale High. There was another common Math program going around but it was about 5000 bytes (fairly big for a TI-83) and had alot of tools that Algebra II/Geomitry students didn't really need, and was lacking a few things that they did need (length of lines in 3 dimensions, volume and area of spheres and such,etc.). So I wrote GNU/Math.

It's about 2000 bytes smaller than the other program, and contains all of the features a Geomitry student may need. It's released under the GNU General Public License. However, I'm fixing it at the moment as I managed to break one of the menus last year, and I won't be giving it our to my tovarichy anytime soon.

I insist that you stop using the word "Math" to refer to the GNU system combined with the Math kernel! When you refer to the entire system as "Math", you create the impression that the programmers of "Math" created the whole system by themselves. Math-based OSes would never have been possible without the hard work of the GNU programmers.

Is it so difficult to give credit where credit is due?!


I love RMS for all the right and wrong reasons. :)

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