A sentence uttered by that "computer genius girl" in Jurassic Park, as she saw (and immediately took over) a computer displaying big 3D objects flying at you (representing files, probably). It wasn't XCruise, in case you were wondering.

The movie shows stuff even more obvious to the casual user, such as the "live video feed", which is in fact a Quicktime clip playing on a Mac (as you can judge from the progressing scrollbar at the bottom of the window).
Indeed, it was an SGI machine at which that girl (Lex?) uttered this phrase that made geeks in the audience say dude and sweet. (All the computers in Jurassic Park were SGIs or 68k Macintoshes) While it might have seemed that the interface she used on the SGI machine was Hollywoodware, it actually does exist. It was an IRIX-only program produced by SGI called fsn (pronounced 'fusion', short for 3D File System Navigator). If you have an IRIX system, you can actually download and run this program right on your box. Grab it from this URL:


But wait, you want to try this on i386 Linux or BSD system? All you need is X11, MesaGL, and GTK, and you can run an fsn clone called fsv, which you can download from the following site:


This has the same functionality as the doodad used in Jurassic Park, as well as a pretty nice GTK-style file system browser. Good for showing off the l33tness of your Unix system and graphics when your friends are checking out your computer.

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