I don't snore, I swear. My father claims the same thing, even though he used to go off like a chainsaw in the evenings while my mother and I listened (while trying to watch TV). Guess the denial is something I've gotten from him.

This didn't hold up when I got beaten to a bloody pulp by my SO at 5am. But I wasn't snoring I swear!

5:30am and the kitten decided that it was time to practice her cat kung styles on me. The two that I noticed through the haze of sleep were the Ten Claws of Death in your Butt and the Rotating Ball of Pain Under The Covers Technique. Happily Sandpaper Tongue on the Nose was absent from this (early) morning exercise routine.

BTW, anyone got any good kitten names?

The gym this monday morning was painful as well, especially after I foolishly said "yes, I'll help your parents work on the barn" yesturday. In truth I should have answered "No, I want to do nothing more than sit on my ass all day" when asked, but I had to be a "nice guy". So we spent a couple of hours stacking 2x12s and shoveling sand. I suppose in the end this will save me money as moving the SOs horses back to her parents house will mean I don't have to pay $700 a month board for them.

The entire duration of this forced labor I spent thinking to myself, "So this is what real people do." Hell, I spend my work and off work time sitting on my ass at a computer... it's amazing what people will do to make a living.

Sometimes I wish I was one of them...