8:00 Monday nights on Fox you're taken behind the scenes of the events at a "typical" public school. Students argue with teachers, teachers argue with parents, and they all argue with the principal. But come on, does your every day school receive 3 lawsuits in one week only to have 5 teachers quit all at once the next week?

Don't get me wrong, I'm addicted to this show. Lauren and Harry HAVE to get married by the next season, and wouldn't it be wonderful if Steven and Marla began dating? The interaction and dialogue between the faculty is superb and disclosing, you always knew that your high school English teacher had the hots for the female student with whom he was often seen in coffee shops, "discussing Shakespeare." And what about the football player who was failing all his classes and suddenly is passing, just in time for the big play-off game?

But where these award-winning writers (Ally McBeal, The Practice) fail is how events unfold each episode. Why would a superintendent want to fire a principal for suspending the soccer team when the whole team had hung a student upside down from the school's roof? Why in the world would a teacher who shoots off a revolver full of blanks in his classroom be allowed to stay, with no objection from the superintendent, while another teacher is fired for not disclosing a consensual affair between a teacher and an 18 year old student? But most of all, why are all the reactions the same in each episode? One week all the mad parents call the superintendent raising hell for the principal to be fired, the next week they all sue. This just sadly detracts from the show's appeal.

No matter the problems I see with "Boston Public", I will most likely keep on watching. Though I disagree with some of the events and how certain things are handled, it's refreshing to see a school-drama from the faculty's point of view, and hopefully this will help teachers gain the respect they so desperately deserve.

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