Another Urban Terror dream. Strange though as I haven't been playing much of it lately. Going to the firing range with a friend from work and the boss to shoot a Colt .45 for the first time might have had something to do with it though.

I was gearing up in a boxcar with the boss. We chose our weapons the same way (sort of) as in the game, but instead of picking them from the screen we picked them off a board on the wall. I decided to choose flash grenades and the boss chose HE grenades. I remember thinking that's not what I normally choose, but this time I actually had a reason for doing this. We lay up on the roof, or above the floor, say on the top of a set of lockers or something. I threw a flash grenade in between two of the rows of bunks and while all the enemy soldiers piled out, boss and I picked them off with our pistols and rifles.

After that carnage was done (there was no blood or gore in the dream, it was very much like old westerns where the bad guys just clutched their chest and fell down), we moved stealthily across the top toward the other end of the boxcar. When we got to the other side we looked into the shadows up toward the roof. There, hidden right in the shadows were two snipers all in black, camo, and holding silenced weapons. I got the impression they were right out of the Tom Clancy book Rainbow Six. We both froze and knew we were dead. Luckily they were on our side, and said something witty and forgettable to us as we relaxed a bit, realizing that we were OK, just before the jarring ring of the alarm clock across the room woke me up.