I like the rainy days. Somehow, they seem more real. Hard drops tinking off the glass. I raise the window and let the sounds of life come in.

I like the rainy days. Days like today. An unexpected bolt of warmth and lightness in my step. How could you possibly be sad on a day like today.

I like the rainy days. Like using [fiver optic|fiber over copper, thoughts seem to travel unimpeded. These days, they make me stop and think.

Overcast skies with moving clouds, I wake to thoughts of you. Bundled up, with beasts in tow, I open up the door. Warm, wet, windy air rushes in my lungs. My parka unexpectedly too much.

Hair blown back, revealing smile, as the rivers weeds bend and sway. Ducks, geese, and tiny raindrops, sometimes there, and sometimes not. The snow is gone and melted. Icy, hard, slippery concerns replaced with safe, but muddy, ground.

There is life here, in this little strip.

And there is life here, in this glowing heart.

Today is a day for reflecting. I wonder why I have been so blessed. I have friends I love. I have lovers who have somehow remained friends. I have shoulders to cry on and people who trust me enough to use mine. Mostly though, I think about the past few days: reminders of self worth, physical pleasures, and consequences.

I like the rainy days. They make the thoughts more clear.

I am still here. I will still be here if you want me. But, I can't say for how much longer.