It may not be a universal truth, but it would seem to be general for those of us not already close to retirement age.

First, let's ignore the rich for the purposes of this discussion. The vast majority are not and never will be rich, so it can still be generally true (generally true being "true with exceptions").

How to the non-rich afford to retire? Living off savings and Social Security. So what happens when all the Boomers rerite? "Damn! 50% of my check is going towards supporting the boomers!" If Social Security is still around and not pushed to 100 by the time i reach retirement age, i'll be surprised. Maybe they'll just create a new Socual Security only for those born after September 30, 1983. Whatever. With half the check going towards supporting old farts, saving enough to live off of (with inflation) is an unlikely prospect...

Maybe i'm overly pessimistic. But maybe i'm right, and if i'm not then it'll be a good surprise.