Heaven is high and the Emperor is far away...
   One of the best known Chinese proverbs in the West. The translation
   is virtually exact. Tian gao, heaven high. Huangdi yuan, Emperor far.
   This terseness is characteristic of the language. As well, brevity
   here, lends itself to breadth of interpretation.

   Singbat's Field Guide to Chinese Proverbs
   North American Edition, 2001


   Big Man's Voice:     So, things are going Ok, up there, eh?

   Singbat:     Right enough. We're getting stuff done.

   Big Man's Voice:     That's great. You're doing good work. You guys are really pulling us along.


   Big Man's Voice:     One quick question.

   Singbat:     Sure. Shoot.

   Big Man's Voice:     I noticed that new signature on your e-mail. Just saw it this afternoon. What is up with that?

   Singbat:     Stuttering. Oh, er, the SourceForge e-mail address? Its, er, well. Nothing really. I mean its all old stuff. I just do it evenings and weekends. You know?

   Big Man's Voice:     Cutting in. No, no. I'm talking about that quote. What is that Chinese? You and your wacky Chinese stuff!

   Singbat:     Relieved. Oh. That.

   Big Man's Voice:     What is it?

   Singbat:     Smoothly. It says "fortune and happiness are coming your way". Nothing special. Why?

   Big Man's Voice:     Just that someone down here was talking about you had a funny signature. That's all.


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