The state in which the majority of the population spends their lives. Signs that you are a member of this commune are:

- Taking Jerry Springer as meaningful and deeply probing TV journalism documenting the soul of our nation.
- Not realizing that Jerry Springer is documenting the soul of our nation.
- Pressing the tab button because you're thirsty. (Thank you, Simpsons)
- Freely vounteering half your income to the government in order to "make the world a better place."
- Buying an iMac because it matches your drapes.
- Being the cause for a warning label (WARNING: Do not apply this weed-whacker to your genitals, etc, etc.)
- Belonging to the Democratic party.
- Belonging to the Republican party.
- Listening to Kenny G and calling it music.

This has been another public service announcement by Yrs Trly. Enjoy the bread and circuses, folks.