Dear Man, Woman, Child,

Know that I love you very much, for you come from the same place as I. You are not only my children; you are my brothers, my sisters, my cousins. You are my eyes, my breath, and my being. Through you, I live; through me, you live; through each other, we fulfill ourselves.There is a part of me that is you. There is a part of you that is me. I give myself to you freely, whatever you need, as much as you need.

All you get, you get from me.

Know that I have great compassion for you, for you are forgetful. You forget from where you come. You deny your birth, your being, your very spirit. You scar me with your delusions. You tear at me with your desires. What I am, you spend.

Know that I treasure you, but you ignore your heritage, your rich and full heritage. You turn your back on the vibrant community of life of which you are both part and partner. The falcon, the bear, the tiger, the you are a part of me, so are they. These are the ones who keep you whole, as you must keep them whole, but you would as easily see them vanish from your sight, never to be thought of again. You would walk from them as you pursued your failing vision, and should they follow, you would kill them for it.

Know that I care for you deeply, but you have waged war on me, and this I cannot comprehend. You reap the results of your actions today and call it destiny, as all the while the true workings of things gain on you. Your tomorrows are not far away.

You came here a part of everything there is, but you shun your birthright for that which you have only in the moment. What I am weeps for you, for you have stood as tall as any who has ever come before you, and you have said, "Do or Die!" never realizing they are one and the same.

Of all the things you can know from what I say to you now, know at the very least this thing: This is a fool's war, and you cannot win. If you can't know that, at least know that I love you very much.


The World

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