The Waldorf Q is a 16 part multi timbral virtual analog synthesizer with 16 voices, expandable to a total of 32 voices. In multi mode, up to 4 parts keep their 2 high quality effects, giving a total of 8 effect processors. Each voice offers 3 LFOs, 3 oscillators with all classic shapes plus new algorithms, 2 filters with a sophisticated routing method and all filter types that you expect from a virtual analog synthesizer. Furthermore, the Q offers unique Comb filter types in two flavours. This enables the Q not only to create polyphonic Chorus or Flanger effects but previously unheard athmos or pluck sounds with great life. To top things off, the Waldorf Q has a very powerful arpeggiator and an even more powerful step sequencer. And with 58 endless rotaries, the Waldorf Q easily doubles the number of controls of other synths.


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