The home of the Q from the Star Trek universe. The continuum is too impressive and complex to be seen by humans in the form it actually exists, but on two occasions Q has taken crew members from the Starship Voyager to the continuum, and at those times the continuum appeared as Q wished them to see it.

The continuum has been seen as a dusty highway with a little shack on the side of the road. This manifestation showed the continuum as a boring, slow, quiet place to live with no excitement or new ideas. Members of the continuum sat by in rocking chairs while reading old newspapers and staring off into space.

The next time humanity visited the continuum, it was seen as a Civil War battleground in the old south (which was fitting because the Q were engaged in a civil war at the time). Members of the continuum shot muskets which were actually powerful weapons capable of cutting down a mighty Q, so you can imagine what said weapons would do to a human.

When all is said and done, the Q Continuum is where the Q hang out. We do not know terribly much more about it, and I think the Q like it that way.

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