I was in Kuala Lumpur this weekend.

Hmm... food...

Dinner Saturday was at the Hakka Restaurant on Jln Kia Peng. Yummy food, good company.

Lunch Sunday was at this restaurant called the Greenview restaurant in Petaling Jaya. The highlight of lunch was something called Sang-Ha-Mien, which is roughly translated as "Live Prawn Noodles". It involved big prawns, udang galah in local terms and a rich sauce.

Dinner was at this place called the Island restaurant in Sri Petaling, part of Petaling Jaya. There was this deep fried crispy fish with these ... erm ... things on top which made it taste like Thai salad. Interesting.

I also got to see my cousin's wedding photos. She had a grand ceremony (which I could not attend being in Sydney preparing for exams at the time) and had an Indian wedding, a Chinese tea ceremony and a western (sorta) reception. She's a Chinese girl who married an Indian man. She managed to wear costumes/dresses representing every major ethnic group in Malaysia while she was at it too. Amazing.