When attempting to cook gourmet-style in the backcountry, certain stock ingredients are necessary, in addition to specific requirements depending on the meals you have planned. I will go over some of the most useful goods to take with you.

Dry Ingredients

Pancake mix: generic brand, cheap as possible. This stuff is always good for a meal or two.

Cornbread mix: again, generic is the economic way to go. I find cornbread to be an extremely tasty snack when you have the time to make it right. The simplest way to do this is so mix a soupy batter and fry it like pancakes. For the interested, however, there are ways to prepare an effective oven atop a mere camp stove! Ask at an outdoor store for baking bags, or just ask for advice.

Brownie mix: dessert!

Flour: usefull for breading things as well as sataying meat (prevents burning).

Oatmeal: Preferably instant or minute variety. I like the Quaker packets myself.

Couscous: A staple that is very flexible and lends itself to many a delicious dinner, or even breakfast!

Pasta: simple enough.

Dried fruit and nuts: A delicious way to spice up GORP or couscous!

Granola: as a cold breakfast and the foundation for many a trail mix.

Rice: is something to stay away from. It is extremely difficult to clean a rice pot in the wilderness.

Wet Ingredients

Vegetable oil for greasing your frying pan.

Also in this category goes Water Purification methods. Bring along a pump because these are fastest, but make sure to take iodine or other disinfectant tablets as a backup.


Salt and pepper: a chef's best friends.

Ginger: nothing spices up a stir fry better.

Onions, garlic: makes pasta sauce much more tasty.

Soy Sauce: can be eaten with anything!

Sugar: For flavoring plain oatmeal and other things. Dont forget the brown variety if you so desire it.

Hot Sauce: While not everybody's thing, this is a must for me!

Oregano: Helps red pasta sauce.

Cinnamon: Good on oatmeal

Flavor packets: e.g. those included in Ramen noodles, or alfredo pasta sauce mix. Instant soups are good, but instant miso soup is not!

All of these can help make your cooking great, and with them, you can prepare a quick meal in a pinch. Don't forget to play amounts depending on the number in your party, and to include extra ingredients for more complex meals you plan on making!