To expand on what XCthulhu said: In fact, the Swedish Fish IS indeed Swedish fish. The "Swedish Fish" was first produced by a Swedish candy company, Malaco. It was then shamelessly copied by Canadian confectionery corporation Trebor Allan.

The "Malaco" Swedish Fish is different from the big bad Canadian ones in some minor aspects:

1. They've got "Malaco" written on them, not "Swedish".
2. They've got a slightly different taste. This point is hard to verify - I ate a lot of Swedish Fish when I was at the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean a while ago, and I've eaten a lot here at home in Sweden, but I never tried both side by side. The Canadian ones feel sweeter, though.
3. They have a different consistency. The Canadian ones are harder and chewier.
4. They won't go transparent if you suck off the outer relief, they're colorful to the core.
5. There are no purple fish in Sweden.