A brief note on the peeling of a banana.
Inspired by the banana from Ecuador before me

A bunch of bananas in the market is called a hand, I guess the 'wrist' would then be the common stem the bananas share. Generally we tend to break the banana off the hand and peel from the stem.

But what of bananas that are still a little green at the top?

let them ripen.

But I need potassium NOW

One solution is to go fetch a knife and saw away at the top of the banana, the other solution is to do what monkeys do. Peel from the bottom. Embed your thumbnail under the end and pull up. Since bananas ripen from the bottom up you will almost always be able to peel your bananas this way.

Whether or not monkeys really peel that way, I haven't a clue. Andy told me, and believing him is easier than looking it up.