Golden Birthday

2003 is prime. 23 is prime. So it's a prime year to have a prime golden birthday.

So what? What makes my golden birthday today any better than anyone else's? Statistically, there are many people who have a golden birthday today.

Why do we celebrate birthdays anyways? What's the point? "Haha, you're another year older!" "Heh, now you're really old." On the receiving end, the gifts, cards and parties can be enjoyable, but why are there people on the giving end?

I guess I should just sit back and enjoy it. I don't need to think so much about every little thing.

It's tough being sick on your birthday. I found out two days ago that I'm allergic to cilantro, and that my reaction is to get a cold. So here I am, blowing my nose and having philosophical spasms. I could be outside playing hackeysack, or down at the gym knocking a soccer ball senseless. I could be at the mall with some friends, or playing cards in the lounge. Instead, I'm writing a love note to e2 in which I say, "happy birthday to me!"

Actually, what I should do is test 1232003 to see if it's prime. Yeah, that'd be good (12303 is not prime, divisible by 3). I'll get back to you on that.

And indeed, 1232003 is prime! What a great day!