Aristotle Onassis's luxury yacht, Christina.

The ship was a sixteen-hundred-ton Canadian frigate called the Stormont when Onassis bought her for $45,000. He sent her to the finest German architects and designers in 1954, and $6 million later, picked up the most decadently beautiful yacht in the world. A crew of fifty served the needs of this luxury yacht, which featured a swimming pool that could be raised to create a dance floor, an English-style paneled study with lapis-lazuli fireplace, solid-gold faucets in the bathrooms, and old-master paintings on every wall. He had the bar stools in his private den upholstered in the foreskin of a whale and often enjoyed asking many of the famous women who were guest on his yacht how they liked sitting on the largest penis in the world.

In edition to the lavish furnishings on his yacht, he was equally lavish with his guest list. Greta Garbo, Winston Churchill, Cecile Rothschild, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are just some of the many famous people who were frequent guest aboard this floating pleasure palace.

He kept the Christina harbored on his own private island Scorpios whenever it was not in use.