oh lord, it's about time!

After about 12 months or so, of reviewing my past nodes, working on nodes in the scratch pad (oh and thank god for it!), and the temp downtime of my favorite forum, it's time to make a comeback. Not just any comeback, but a glorious, from-any-god-you-believe-or-don't-believe-in kinda comeback.

Through out my reading, thinking, and other activities I won't say for fear of legal action, I have realized, my noding ability has, severly, diminished. I plan on changing all that. No more 2 line nodes. No more GTKY crap (thats what the Profile is for, obviously). Just good, throughly edited, noding. Not to mention, I hope to once again get in the community. Plans of being in the E2 2004 Secret Santa project, and maybe even shopping for some E2 gear.

Yes, it's a good time to be me, and always a good time to make a comeback.