I agree wholeheartedly. I consider myself a geek in the truest sense of the word, but I still usually go to bed at night rather than in the morning. The sunrise bit confirms my view that Everythingians are soppy romantics (NSN - node at your own risk), but I prefer working in the daytime to at night. I am not a vampire - I do see daylight (occasionally), and I use Windows! Ha, I feel liberated just saying it! Just because I am a geek, just because I can spout mathematical formulae without drawing breath, just because I actually understand the technobabble on Star Trek, just because I actually design websites for a living, does not require me to use UNIX or linux! I use Windows! I use MS Office! I enjoy every crappy feature of Internet Explorer! OK, I still hate Front Page and write my HTML in an ASCII editor, but I reserve the right to like programs that are easy to use, and I will not be told to use a different operating system!

And I like it.