15:20 PST

I'm becoming increasingly irritated with some of my co-workers. Working on a help desk can suck sometimes. I do not want to elaborate too much on the off chance that someone at work knows about this site, but its bothering me that certain people harp on being logged on the phone at all times, when they generally do not practice what they preach. And they all wonder why the "new kid" has such a high call count... maybe its because I'm taking all the calls because I'm always logged in??

I'm not having a good week. I found out this week that because I sit down all the time at work and drink too much caffeine, I have developed an embarassing condition that I don't want to gross you out with. I was going to go off about it, but you know, you don't care about my health conditions. On to the next subject...

I'm getting DSL soon. I have to call US Worst aka Qwest today and order it. They will send me the "modem" and I will install it myself. This is a very good thing. I didn't want some random dumbass tech in my house installing something in my computer. If my computer is going to get fucked up, I'll be the one doing the fucking.

Today is my day to deal with stupid users. Don't blame me if you can't use a computer. People need to take responsibility for learning how to use the basics. I can help you troubleshoot the problems, but it isn't my job to tell you how to use Outlookor PowerPoint. That's what books and classes are for.

This weekend I'm going south to the small town of Lebanon to visit my grandmother with my family. We are going to meet the man that she is going to marry. She has known him for about 2 months. I haven't been down there in a while, nor have I spent this much time on a car trip with my family in a while either. This could be fun, or it could be an exercise in frustration. I guess we'll see.

Only an hour until I get to go home, thank god. New memory for my computer arrives tomorrow. If only tomorrow was payday, then everything would be perfect.