Work Work Work Work Work. Work. More work. Blah.

I really need to find a new job. I feel like everyone here hates me a lot of the time recently. I’ve got waves of bad mojo coming my way, so its time to make an escape. I keep sending out my resume, but everyone seems to take so long to get back to you, or I get rejection letters right away. Ugh.

The weekend wasn’t too horrible. I saw the movie Loser on Saturday afternoon. It was a cute movie, but not very funny. I was supposed to see my EAP counselor on Saturday, but I mixed up the times and its actually this coming Saturday for our appointment. Ugh. I asked her to call me this week with the name of a shrink to refer me to so I can get back on the meds. I hate feeling this horrible all the time. I don’t like taking antidepressants, but I don’t like feeling this way either. It will only be for a little while anyway... I hope.

I saw my trainer on Sunday, and now my arms and shoulders hurt like mad. Ugh. It will get easier I think, but that isn’t much help right now.

I played around with some HTML this weekend, and figured out how to make an image map. Hooray for me! I’m going to work on some graphics and such this week, and hope to have some type of decent site up in the coming weeks.

I will probably send out some more postcards this week to the Everything Mailing Address Registry. We’ll see what happens with my free time. I’ve been invited to go play bingo on Thursday with some people from work, so I might do that this week. I don’t know what else is going on, except payday on Friday which is good. It’s the rent check though, which is bad. Money good. Rent bad.

Nodes That I Wrote Today That Are Magically Delicious:
have you ever been mistaken for someone of the opposite gender?
Wild n' Crazy Fast Food Stories
I know they are watching me

CD’s I’ve Listened To Today:
VNV Nation – Praise the Fallen
Alanis Morissette – Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
Elliot SmithXO
No Means No - 0+2=1

Keep your feet on the ground, even though friends flatter you.