One of the Anti-Fascist Action's logos features a man swinging a hammer into an already cracked swastika. The arm of the swastika on the right side is slightly out of place and what appears to be sparks are flying from it. It is intended to show that the next swing will break it.

This symbol has appeared in a similar fashion in many other Anti-fascist or Anti-racist (hey, there IS a difference) badges and posters since the mid-seventies.

A few, that I happen to remember right now, include a similar man but this time holding and axe. The classic swastika cracked down the middle and breaking open, the most common tattoo form. An arrow piercing the centre of the swastika. And, ironically, a large doc marten boot crushing the swastika from above, the top already dented.

Ironically I say on that last one, since it always reminded me of the 1984 passage about the future and what it holds "imagine a boot stamping on a human face- forever."