An American comic book artist inspired by Japanese manga, or comics. His best known work is Gold Digger, published by Antarctic Press. His other currently published comic is Legacy.

You may have looked at his art and noticed that with his style, all of the women have somewhat odd proportions - athletic, hourglass, with either no breasts or ones as big as their head. While one might normally dismiss this... he draws his guys a lot like this, with desirable male traits instead, of course. And no breasts. But all of his characters have these tendencies, even if they are supposed to be average looking.

Reason: He learned to draw while serving in Operation Desert Storm. Pornography wasn't allowed to the soldiers (partly because of army regulations, partly because this WAS deep in Islamic country)... so Fred made a few bucks drawing porn and selling it. Once he went back to the United States, he parlayed his newly honed drawing skills into drawing comics. The basis of his style is very apparent in his earlier work, but toned down in his more up-to-date stuff.

That said, he still sells porn drawings off his website. Some things never change.

Fred Perry is a brand of sport shirts favored among mods, ska aficionados and skinheads (the non-racist, although equally obnoxious "SHARPS", as far as I know. Don't get me started on the difference between them, that's for later write-ups).

Started by the first British tennis star to win the men's singels at Wimbledon(in 1934), Fred Perry was originally a producer of sweatbands and later the Fred Perry sport shirt, with the All England Sport Club logo on the chest. Very popular with the mods in the 60's.

What strikes one as odd about the affinity for these symbols of high class, is that the mods, skinheads and rude boys all came from the blue-collar streets of London (and generally were pretty proud of it). Was it their keen sense of irony, or were they thumbing their nose at the upper-crust?

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