A little bit tired

I'm sleepy, been out all weekend, been waking up real early and not getting back to sleep.

I'm bored, every place I've gone I just sit, hardly talking, music playing in the background. People talk at me. I hardly hear enough of what they say to make a stab at replying. I don't want to answer anyway.

I'm down, don't know where it came from...well, I can guess. I drink a lot more. Bitter whiskey.

A little bit drunk

I'm drinking, but with venom. Never been much for being sober, but never been much for being sad.

I'm staggering, again. Rolling with it, swaying side-to-side and hitting off the walls.

I'm singing, to myself, soft stupid tunes with sad silly themes. And they matter, right now, to me.

All yours

Girl, I'm missing you, like I know I shouldn't. Like I said to myself I never would. It's gone wrong again inside my heart, I'm glad I know now it still can. That I can still feel for someone. But its hold on me, I don't know...I fear it.