0200 NVG flight suddenly turns into 0230 and then 0300. Christ almighty, you'd think that these people could write a flight sked and then stick to the thing. I cut my guys out and stay with one other person to pick up the recovery and shutdown at what turns back into 0230. For the four hours I'm waiting at work I spend most of my time up to my neck in incorrectly routed 1553A data bus harnesses behind an equipment rack. Gatecrasher's World Sound System Latitude disc provides a perfect soundtrack to wire to, apparently.

At home, Skip Raider's 'Just Another Day' off the Fatboy Slim/Paul Oakenfold Essential Mix set goes round and round over top Barber's Adagio in D. Banging hands against increasingly worn keys produces an essay about a riot I saw in Korea two years ago. I keep this up and I'm going to have to go and buy yet another part. Spend half an hour trying to figure out a title, eventually pick more pilot type verbage, node it under Unrecoverable Flight Regime and then fall into bed.

Wake up to the sound of water. Keep having problems with my head repeating: 'Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.' Get out of bed and try mumbling to get rid of the apparent malfunction in the mental sampling apparatus, which just makes things weirder. Wander around my apartment for a little while in a pair of surf shorts and eventually go through the following fun train of thought:
-It is day time.
Normal human beings are awake right now.
-I am not a normal human being.
Go back to sleep, Yurei.
-Don' wanna. Water noises.
Oh yeah, that's right. Good on ya boy, sick 'em.
Figure out that the water is coming from a spigot on the outside of the building that Spawn Child in the apartment next door has apparently activated with an unsupervised pair of pliers. I locate my own pliers, torque to N ft. pounds, and curse loudly in the general direction of Spawn Child. As usual he runs. I go back to sleep.

Must write more code. Must smoke cigarette. Must review gargantuan technical manual delivered via dump truck. Must not node any more. Must write more code. Must smoke cigarette. (Refrain x6 hours.)

Sleep, Yurei, sleep.