Todays was different, I'll give it that, but no less importatnt therefore

It's a warm enough fall day, this baffles me right away because it looks like winter, that heavy feeling that gets in the air, its not lacking today. I'm walking towards a building, I should know it but I've never seen it.

The scale of the place borders on grandiose, the metal sculputre next to me was obviously something animal in it's tones of copper and gold, but again simply too large to be identified properly at that distance.

Again comes that feeling, that comfort that one can only find in dreams. In dreams we are almost always sure of where we are, even if we were to trust the sense of sight alone we would have never seen the place.

I know where I am and I indeed know why I am here as well. I'm searching for her, not any her in perticular. I'm looking for 'that' her, the one who doesn't betray for any reason. The one whom must be kept. I'll need to come again, I didn't find her you see.