Born and raised in Menlo Park California, Josie Maran is a successful twenty-something supermodel, most known for her work posing in Guess jeans advertising campaigns as well as several magazine covers. Critics and fashion photographers alike go on and on about her chestnut hair and chocolate eyes. They're brown alright? She's got brown hair and brown eyes. Sure she's cute, but please: CHESTNUT?

She went to a private all-girls school, and led a relatively sheltered life for a Californian. Having always been beautiful, she's been modeling off and on since the age of twelve. A few years ago Josie Maran was at a barbeque with some friends and this mysterious woman walked up to her and recommended she audition to be in a fashion show. Josie shrugged and said okay. At the fashion show another mysterious person recommended she go into modeling as a career. Ever since then she's been a supermodel. So to any men out there wondering why there's no mysterious women in your life, it's because they're all courting supermodels at barbeques and fashion shows. Besides magazines, Maran has also appeared briefly in music videos and television commercials.

Most recently, Josie Maran has been by the side of boyfriend David Blaine as he entertains people by doing crazy things and being generally moody. She's about twenty years old, five feet seven inches tall, a taurus, and despite her anorexic appearance, she claims to like chocolate chip cookie dough.

Josie Maran's managed by Elite Model Management.

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