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I like to have good conversations.
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Why be afraid, if I'm not alone?
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I know you, some part of you anyway.

"I remember the time you told me love is touching souls, surely you've touched mine. Part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time." Joni Mitchel "A Case of You."

/me misses my friends.

I'm only lonely when you're gone.

I still go crazy...

Things I'm working on

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (still going)

  • Stardust (still going)

  • Prayer of St. Francis

    A man should always follow his heart, thus he will never be lost...

    watashi o kizutsukemasen

    Lover you've stayed....

    Somedays, that's more than I've a right to ask you for...

    Thank you for being irreparably in love.

    Words that changed my life

    Floating in the summer sunshine
    We are flying
    We are blue
    Falling like a summer raindrop
    Like a teardrop
    Like the dew

    Nothing but a blue horizon
    All around us like a glove
    Feeling it go on forever
    Far below us
    Far above

    Where you are
    Do you know
    I think of you
    Where you are
    Do you know
    I hope you do

    Shining like a summer rainbow
    We are colors
    We are bright
    Vanishing into the sunshine
    Like a river made of light

    Floating in a summer memory
    I can see you in my mind
    Knowing it goes on forever
    Far beyond us
    Far behind

    Where you are
    Do you know
    I think of you
    Where you are
    Do you know
    I hope you do

    Falling in a summer daydream
    I remember what I knew
    Nothing that I can't hold on to
    Or return to
    Even you

    Where you are
    Do you know
    I think of you
    Where you are
    Do you know
    I hope you do

    You rise like a wave in the ocean
    And you fall gently back to sea
    Now I want to know how to love you
    Return to me
    -October Project- (permission acquired)

    lyrics by Julie Flanders, music by Emil Adler

    Some angel, some devil has cut me to the bone

    Fun things people have said about/to me!

    "I've seen more organized worm orgies"
    Bobbo at work

    "Her ignorance is a shining beacon in the deep blue sea of knowledge"
    Larry Daniels

    "You know Steve, Baahhh, means no..." Rob at work

    "Dong-equipped girlfriend" available for 3 easy payments of $19.99 a month, but WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Talks to you when you're sad, and knows what you need to hear!! Also, we're going to add in his unreal massage abilities. ALL THIS FOR JUST THREE EASY PAYMENTS!

    "I can almost imagine you physically picking up an idea, and tossing it about in your hands examining it."

    Mei Mei